Top 5 Criteria For A Successful Website

Lead Generation, Visitor Engagement
Wow, where to start with this one! I suppose the first thing to clarify is 'what is a successful website?' Success will be interpreted differently, depending on the point of view. A marketing expert who specializes in generating web traffic for his clients may define success as 1000's of website hits per month. An SEO expert may revel in obtaining a number 1 ranking on Google for his customer's website. Success to a web designer may be a wonderfully crafted and aesthetically pleasing front page. But these 'successes' don't really have anything to do with true success, which is more phone calls, more business, more money in the bank. I think every business owner would agree. Who's Success Is It Anyway? A successful digital marketing plan should all incorporate the…
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Have a Slow Sales Week? Google Didn’t

Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization
Small business sales are cyclical - there's no doubt about it. Some weeks are hot, others cold. It's just the nature of the beast when percentage variances can make huge swings in revenue for a small business. Take for instance a pool builder in a medium size city. Getting three queries from potential customers in a day may be huge, considering that a pool might cost $8,000 to $30,000, depending on configuration. On the other hand, since his potential client base is relatively small, he may not get a customer call for a week. So the call difference between having seven great sales days and seven bad days might be about 20 calls. It doesn't sound like much, but to a small business owner, it can be the difference between success and failure. If there…
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Tips For Getting Found On the Internet

Lead Generation
Google, Google, Google - as search engine optimization professionals, it's all we hear any more. They're in our phones, they're dominating our browser, they even creating humanoids and robotic animals. They're into everything. That could be a bad thing, or it could be a good thing. If you are a business owner and you are in good with Google, or if you know how to give Google what they want in order for them to help you, then the more places Google is, the more places your business will be displayed. Since most of us don't know someone at Google who can fix your rankings to get displayed more often, it's upon each of us to give Google what it wants and needs in order to rank our businesses higher.…
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