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Social media is here to stay. Don’t get left behind! Take control of your company’s future and start managing your social media account.

Remember when everyone scoffed that the idea that email would topple memo faxing? Or when the idea of a video conference on a mobile phone was considered futuristic sci-fi? Don’t be that person! Social media is here to stay. Conducting and growing your business through social media is a reality.

You have the distinct advantage now of being one of the few companies who effectively uses social media to their advantage.

Two scenarios describe the average business’ social media presence‚Ķ

1) They realized the need for a social media presence, so they made a Facebook page or Twitter account, but found it too time consuming to maintain an active role

2) The business owner has made great strides to keep active in the social media space, and finds that he either spends way too much time to maintain it, or pays someone way too much to maintain it.

Neither scenario is ideal. One business owner is completely missing out on socially connected clients that are going to his competitors. The other business owner is spending too much time maintaining a presence and not enough time tending to the business of selling his service or product, or he is paying on average $1000 per month to hire an employee to monitor the business’ social media accounts.

There is a happy medium. A Social Media Management Dashboard enables you to manage your entire social media presence in one place. Not only are you able to monitor your Facebook, Twitter and Linked in accounts in one place, but you’ll be able to schedule updates, monitor your competitors with keyword searches, stay on top of your reputation by staying abreast of online posts about your company, and even track the effectiveness of your posts. It’s FREE, so give it a spin.

Create your free account here.

Tame Social Media and Reap the Benefits!

Everyone knows that an active social media presence WILL bring more business,

but who has the extra time to manage it? Every hour you spend trying to maintain your social media accounts is an hour:

You know you can get more business through social media, but you don’t have the time or resources to take away from your core business.

Try our FREE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOL that allows you to schedule multiple posts at once, manage multiple accounts in one place, set up alerts to keep tabs on your competitors activity, and more.

Did I mention it’s FREE? DO IT NOW!