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Small business sales are cyclical – there’s no doubt about it. Some weeks are hot, others cold. It’s just the nature of the beast when percentage variances can make huge swings in revenue for a small business. Take for instance a pool builder in a medium size city. Getting three queries from potential customers in a day may be huge, considering that a pool might cost $8,000 to $30,000, depending on configuration. On the other hand, since his potential client base is relatively small, he may not get a customer call for a week. So the call difference between having seven great sales days and seven bad days might be about 20 calls. It doesn’t sound like much, but to a small business owner, it can be the difference between success and failure.

If there were something you could do to boost your customer call volume, wouldn’t you do it, even if it were relatively expensive? Sure, you would. Wouldn’t our pool builder in question pay $500 per week to double his call volume? It’s safe to say that doubling your call volume produces a great chance to double your income. It sounds like a no-brainer.

But let’s rephrase the same offer differently. Would you as a business owner, pay $2000/month for SEO services? 99% wouldn’t just say no, they would say ‘Heck NO!’ Most business owners wouldn’t even consider it, but they’ll spend thousands per year to be listed in the Dinosaur (the Yellow Pages), or the once a month ValuPak mailer that has a better chance of seeing the bottom of a birdcage than a potential customers’ attention.

Did you have a slow sales week? Guess who didn’t. That’s right – Google. Currently, Google services over A BILLION UNIQUE SEARCHERS every month. How can you tap into this massive market of buyers, local to you? The answer is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the art of configuring and promoting a website so that Google feels that the website is best suited to serve Google searchers. Google maintains its position as the leading search engine by providing quality, relevant links to Google searchers. When your site is deemed to be the most relevant, authoritative site for a particular search term, then it will show up on top. The $64,000 question is this – “how do I get Google to rank my site as best suited for searchers looking for my products or services?”

Sadly, only Google knows the true answer to that question. In fact, Google prevents website developers from “gaming the system” by changing their search results algorithm regularly, with occasional major overhauls. SEO experts monitor Google’s moves, new patents, rumors, news and statements from their executives to stay abreast of upcoming changes to the algorithm and to divine what Google considers important criteria for ranking a website.

You are in luck, because we are SEO experts. We do monitor Google’s every move. We do collaborate with SEO think tanks. We do rank websites for thousands of keywords. Call us for a consultation if you have a website that isn’t converting (meaning it isn’t on the first page of Google search results) at (806) 329-3272 or fill out our Red Carpet Form.

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