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Our fascination with page ranking began in 2002. We were co-founders of an online business with a great business model, loads of product to sell, but only $50 in sales for the first few months. With one tweak to the front page, sales jumped from virtually nothing to over $40,000 per month, and steadily increased from there, month after month. When Google changed its algorithm, we developed other tweaks and continued to dominate our market.

It was this stark contrast in sales generated from one simple change to the website’s home page that began our decade long career of ranking websites. Today, search engines change almost daily, modifying their search algorithms, changing criteria and revaluing certain information about a site.

Staying on top of changes to search algorithms may put most people to sleep, but for us, it’s a passion, a challenge! Our team lives online, splitting time among Google Search Blogs, Mastermind Facebook Groups and hours and hours of website design, development and SEO testing.

Our team gets results, starting from day one. Because honest long-lasting SEO takes time, we don’t waste any – we start right away. Your monthly status reports will keep you informed of your website’s stats, status and traffic growth.

To get started, fill out our Client Discovery Form or visit our Getting Started On the Right Foot page to get your online directory listings optimized for better search engine ranking.

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