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SEO Lubbock – There’s a battle raging for Lubbock customers – Search Engine Marketing, Web Design and Social Media are the front lines

Your company needs all the weapons at its disposal to compete for customers in the online war for new business, whether you run a small restaurant near Texas Tech or you sell farm equipment to South Plains cotton farmers. Stewart SEO, a Lubbock SEO company, is your battle-tested ally. We provide you with the tools you need to win new business and keep your brand in the minds of existing customers.

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Even the old standby method of marketing, word-of-mouth, has moved online, and the rules of engagement have changed

Your company’s reputation can be easily tarnished by malicious competitors or even just one unhappy customer with a bent on your demise. If you aren’t armed with a strong Internet presence, then something as simple as one negative review can snowball into a huge backlash affecting your company’s future. The worst part of all of this is that you, the business owner, might not even be aware that it’s happening if you don’t have a seasoned Lubbock SEO agency fortifying your Internet presence.

Here’s a perfect example. A company in Plainview contacted us because the business owner was seeing a significant drop in sales over a span of two or three months. We conducted a quick analysis, and found the problem in five minutes. Someone, most likely a competitor, had convinced Google that her business had closed its doors for good. Whenever her company popped up in a Google search, a big red bar across her company picture read “This location has closed permanently”. We walked her through the process of claiming her business, and within minutes, her Google Business profile was claimed, updated, and correctly displaying for any Internet searchers. Happily, her sales began to climb, but considerable damage had already been done. You can’t get back the lost revenue from customers who would have come to her shop, but instead went on to another thinking that she had closed down. These same customers may even spread the word to their friends that her shop had closed. So you see, a ripple effect may damage your business if you aren’t proactively nurturing your Internet presence.

Make Sure Social Media Works For You, Not Against You

A similar problem commonly occurs on Facebook. If you have not created a Facebook page for your business, Facebook will create one for you. Even worse, a customer who has a gripe against you may create one just to post a bad review about your company. Then when a potential client is searching through Facebook for a service company, your bogus page pops up with no identifying logo or pictures or posts – just a generic page with a bad review. You can say goodbye to that potential customer!

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Online clients are won through gentle, effective guidance. Your website should be optimized to lead your visitors down a predetermined set of website trails that give your visitors confidence in your ability to fill a need and then direct them to your doorstep (or phone) to purchase your products or services. Google likely isn’t going to be purchasing from you, so why spend your time and money trying to please the search engine algorithms. It’s you customers you need to focus on! This is what we call Visitor Engagement Optimization or VEO. It’s the new SEO.

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